Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...more finished objects....

Good morning all - hope you had a great weekend!!  I finished off my second mystery shawlette over the weekend and here she is .....all soaked, dried and blocked:

The color in the bottom picture is probably a little more accurate as it was taken outside on an overcast day. This was my first attempt at hand dyeing and I'm pretty happy with the result.  It's a little brighter than I'd normally like -but I figure it would look nice with something black underneath!  Anyway - the mystery KAL was fun - you sure do keep on track trying to get each section finished before the next section is released!! I enjoyed that as it makes you complete stuff quickly rather than letting it sit in the unfinished pile waiting for some love.  :)  This week, I hope to finish a couple of other items that have been languishing in the UFO pile for far too long.  Stay tuned!!! Oh...and after the crappy Canucks game last night...I whipped up one of these to wipe away my tears!! :)  It's just a simple dishcloth for the Quickie KAL - basically a take on the Grandmothers dishcloth - but I like the little variation of the center square.  Anyway - a quick fun knit...this one only took a couple hours! :) 

Obviously, I didn't soak or block this one.  Afterall, it IS a dishcloth so who cares if its blocked, right???!

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