Sunday, June 12, 2011

A challenge......

Ooooh, I love a challenge!! :)  So on Ravelry, in one of the groups that I frequent, we were discussing a pattern wherein the the stitcher knit up a gorgeous shawl in undyed yarn and then proceeded to dye it AFTER THE FACT!!!  Okay - seriously...that takes some kind of incredibleness!! So even though I love the concept - and this is one GORGEOUS peacock pattern....I don't think I'd have the guts to knit up an entire shawl....and THEN dye it!!  What if something went wrong??? 

So I suggested that I might try to incorporate the pattern into a pair of socks and try my hand at the post dyeing thing.  However, another gal suggested a dishcloth!! Hmmmmm even better!! I don't care if I screw up a dishcloth.  Socks would have been smaller too but in an amongst themselves are still a lot of work.  :)  A dishcloth....great idea - no sweat if I mess up...its a DISHCLOTH!!! :)  So therein lies my challenge!! I am going to try and construct the pattern this weekend and then hopefully get to dyeing it next week. 

Here's the original pattern and the "how-to" if you're interested:

The Melusine

Incredible eh???  Stay tuned...I'll keep you updated on my progress!! :)

Oh...and on another note...unless something goes horribly wrong - this little guy (the one in the middle) should be coming to live with us next weekend...isn't he cute???

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