Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hey Nancy....I'm pretty sure I found someone who doesn't like mosquitos almost as much as you!!!  This is Brayden's leg today when he arrived home from school.  What the.....???!!!  Man...he is COVERED!!!!  Both legs ......front and back!! I gave him 1/2 of one of those Benadryls cuz it looks like he's having a pretty good reaction!!  He's having a shower now and then I'll dose him up with the afterbite!  Poor guy! :(  Bring on the summer heat to kill these suckers OFF!!!! Sheeesh!

UPDATE:  Sooooo after his shower...I had another look - he was covered with HIVES!!!! All over his chest, back, arms, pelvis....everywhere!!! I did NOT let panic set in.  I just gooped him up with cream as they were itchy...and I am keeping a close eye on him.  The benadryl seems to be kicking in as they are getting smaller.  He's taking it easy watching TV in my bed for now.  Hopefully it was just a reaction to something and it will be gone shortly!!! GAH!!!! Parenthood...gotta love it!! :(

UPDATE #2:  Well, after about an hour...I went and checked on him.  The hives were huge and WORSE!!! Off to Emergency we went.  Not much they could do there (I was more concerned about his breathing than anything).  Said to keep doing what we were doing and keep an eye on him.  More Benadryl (bubble gum flavor this time) and I'll be checking on him.  So far so good.  Here's a picture of his chest when we got home after a couple hours.  His whole body was covered like this.  These are the hives "coming down"!!! ACK!!

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