Friday, June 10, 2011

What have I done???

Well, I've agreed to be on ANOTHER design team when I swore I'd NEVER do that again!!!  I dropped in to see Tara from ForgetMeNot Scrapbooking in Vernon yesterday and before I knew it, I was leaving the store with a bagful of stamps and a promise to create cards on a regular basis.  After this morning's phone call - I even offered to TEACH!!! YIKES!!!!   I'm actually thrilled as it has been FAR too long since I've been crafting and having fun.  Now just to come up with some amazing classes so that I can keep the hoards interested!!! :) Stay tuned!!! :)


  1. Awesome! You know you'll love it :D

  2. I am stoked to see what you come up with! Congrats, Lisa!!!!