Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good News!!!!

Well, once again...with all the irons I have in the fire...I've found it hard to live up to the expectations I have with my full time transcription job.  It has been a constant source of stress for me these past few weeks as I am just not committed to working full time at this.  Therefore, with a little reservation, this morning I formally resigned!!!  ACK!!!  However, ...the good news is - I did include a bit about the fact that I would be interested in staying on in a part time capacity....and to my surprise...they accepted!! Whoooot!!! What a relief off my shoulders.  This means that I am only EXPECTED to do a minimal amount - but the door is open should I wish to do more.  The reality of it quota is only 1/2 of what I was expected to do full time - and that's a BREEZE!!!!  :)  I'll have no trouble doing that - and I can still do all of the other things I love to do!!!  WIN WIN!!! So...heading into the LONG WEEKEND....I am one happy camper!!! Whoooot!!!

Hope your weekend is a great as mine is starting out to be...thanks for stopping by!! :)

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