Friday, June 17, 2011

Yarn Makes Me Happy!!!

Okay- it's official!! I've taken the plunge.  I've opened a new Etsy guessed it....."Yarn Makes Me Happy".  I struggled with a name for my store for quite some time.  First I wanted something witty - you know, something with a play on words such as "Creations for Ewe" or something along those lines.  Then I tried to think of something to convey the paradise in which I live - something along the lines of Gleneden Meadows, etc.... but nothing was really tickling my fancy.  Then it came to me.  What is it that I like about yarn??? Well, it makes me happy!! :)  So therein lies the new name of my Etsy Shop!! :)  Hope you like it!! I also changed my user name on Ravelry so hopefully that doesn't throw too many people off.  Now I only have 8 items in my I guess you can bet that the next few days are going to be spent in the dyepots again.  I also want to add a few other things...but you'll have to wait for those!! :) Lots of fun stuff ahead!!!

Anyway can find my new Etsy store here ---------------------> (scroll down a bit)
if you are interested!! I still have my cards in the Etsy store down below.  I sold another one today.  I am hoping that people realize that I can't ship anything out with the stupid CP strike.  I'm really hoping that this doesn't last very long.  Surely the powers that be will have to issue back to work legislation soon.  I can't see this going on forever.  What a stinkin' mess though.  Can you imagine the chaos once this thing gets settled???  Scary!!! Like I say - hopefully it won't take too long.  I have lots of parcels to ship!!!!

Well, as always - thanks for stopping by!! If you have any feedback on my new store or just want to make a comment in general....please feel free!! I welcome any suggestions you might have!!   Have a great weekend everyone!

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